Violet Gets a Job

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BiFTB takes me to NEAF to help him at his booth selling Telescopes.
He makes Super Duper Telescope mounts for use out in the woods.
Bears and people love his stuff.

I get to take a break and go visit my old friend Alli.
She makes the Telescopes that BiFTB sells.
She is a great salesperson. I ask her how to become a great salesperson just like her.
She tells me that you have to be able to tells stories about the stuff you are trying to sell
and be able to spin a good yarn.
I tell her I tried that already and had no luck at it.
No she says, you have to become a story teller.
As I am leaving, I offer to trade her some nice chocolate chips cookies for her Sphinx Mount.
She just laughs and tickles me on my tummy, in the spot that always makes me laugh and says I have been eating too many cookies and she doesn't want to wind up looking like me and I would have to tell her a much better story to make that deal.

I still want a Sphinx.

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