Violet Travels to Egypt

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Fred and I head up to Sagura.
This is one of the first pyramids. They made it a little too steep and they hadn't figured out how to make the sides smooth.
They really need to hire a new handy man as this place looks like it is falling down.

From what Isaiah was telling me back in New York, I got the idea that the best place to sell Catfish Cola. (You remember Catfish Cola, that is what this whole story is about. BiFTB gave me the job of finding a spokesperson to sell it) is in the middle of a desert, and the best person to sell it, is a camel.

Now I need a great slogan.
I'd walk a mile for a camel, is one of the classic advertising slogans. That made me think of Fred.
I need something just as great.

I'd Walk a camel a mile for a Catfish
no that is too similar

When you are as thirsty as a camel, reach for a Catfish
When Fred is thirsty, he reaches for a Catfish
Catfish for when you are dry as a camel
When you feel like Giza, grab a Catfish
A Catfish can make a desert seem like an ocean
Catfish, an oasis of refreshment
Catfish Cola, an Oasis in every bottle, but without the sand
Catfish Cola, not too much moola
Catfish Cola, Now with 50% more Whiskers and Lips

Advertising is great, since Catfish Cola doesn't have any catfish or catfish lips in it, it is alright to claim you have 50% more of something you don't have anything of to begin with.
Ketchup never ever had any Cholesterol in it, now they advertise it as Cholesterol Free.
Thinking up a good slogan is hard, I think I will relax with Fred and a Catfish.

That's it, that's the slogan-- Relax with a Catfish

Now to do some test marketing.

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